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How to copy and paste

Hey we will give it a try

1- left click on the top of the text

2- hold left button down

3- drag across text-it will go blue

4- all the way down your text-ok

5- then let your finger off

6- onto the text and click right

7- dropdown menu--left click copy

8- when computers ok again

9- go to blog message box

10- right click on it

11- dropdown menu -- left click paste-- your text will appear!!

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Hey Pete gonna practice this never done it before. Will try later when i get my one brain cell into gear.


Aup Jillygirl, try copying my blog--that way you can read it as you do it. :D :D

Then you can blog it yourself !! :o see if it works :| you can always delete it afterwards, cant you!! go on try it gal :D


WOW! did it. thanks pete. your in the wrong job , you should be training us girlys. wouldnt have to do nights, and could have a laugh too. :)

how do you get the red smiley? xx


HI PETE no reply needed I did the red face ta,. xxx


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