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Inhalator to stop or not?

HI emjay & team, I am on my 10th week now of quitting. I am using the inhalator, which I have mentioned before I make 1 cartridge last 2 days.

Trouble is I do get cravings now and again and feel I cant do without the inhalator completley. When I put a new cartridge in I dont like the taste as it is too strong. By the way I use 10mg.

Should I try to do away with the inhalator altogether, or use some other sort of nrt. I do like to keep my hands busy.

Any ideas? thanks jillygirl.

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Hey Jillygirl,

There's a couple of things to consider here;

When are you experiencing the cravings more? Is it during the 2nd day of the cartridge? It could be because that the cartridges have 'run out' - for want of a better term, or after you have used up the nicotine and your body is letting you know it wants more.

You could try using the gum as a top up. Just make sure you use it properly as directed and only chew when you feel the urge to smoke (chew and park).

No matter what product you use, whatever strength... It's still pretty normal for you to feel cravings, especially psychological ones.

So, thinking about the cravings; what do they feel like? Can you pin them down to any particular area of your body?; do you feel that they are psychological or physical? Knowing this will help you to determine whether or not to just 'crack on' with how you are doing or 'top up' with another oral product (such as gum). It's okay to use 2 oral products together, it's called combination therapy.

I think you've done absolutely marvellous so far and would probably recommend that you stay with the inhalator for now. It's best that you continue as you are, rather than try and stop using the inhalator and then find yourself back to square one. There's no harm in you using the inhalator for as long as you need. The great thing about it is that you are only getting the nicotine as and when you need it too.

Let me know what you think and we'll take it from there :-)

You're winning so far missus xx


Thanks for advice emjay. I think my cravings kick in more as a routine habit than actually needing the nicotine. I think i will carry on with the inalator and see how I go. Pity they didnt make a 5mg cartridge. I am going to get 2 inhalators on the go and then perhaps they may not taste quite as strong . I dont think i need a top up. (only in my brain) O:I


Hi Jillygirl As you're only on week 10 I think you're doing fantastically well to have reduced the inhalators down to this level. Unless I'm wrong, I think the total nicotine in the cartridge is 10mg, not that you're getting 10mg every time you puff on it, so the answer would be to puff less rather than reduce to a lower dosage inhalator (the 15mg inhalators are recommended at 6 or fewer to begin with whereas the 10mg are 6 to 12 cartridges to begin with). I'm only in week seven and find sometimes I'm putting the inhalator in my mouth when I know the cartridge has pretty much run out, so maybe a part of it is just the habit of the hand/mouth thing - if that's the case, I don't see the problem with carrying on for the rest of my life, so long as I don't have a ciggie! Best of luck :-)



Just going over a couple of messages on here; the Inhalator cartridges are now 15mg (since June 2012), the 10mg are still on sale at the minute but these will be getting phased out.

Don’t forget, the inhalator is a Nicotine Replacement product that you control. In the early days make sure you use it as and when you need it especially at times when you would normally smoke. Don’t skip cravings, there's really no need to struggle when there is help available.

If you’re unsure of anything, please let me know. 8-)


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