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Wrong strength???

Hi everyone ... Ive been browsing through some posts on here today and there is one question I have regarding my NRT ... I was a 20 a day smoker and my GP has given me 15mg patches and 2mg gum ..... I have read on here a couple of times that some of you were started on higher doses ... I dont suppose in the grand scheme of things it really matters if im coping ok on it but was just wondering why my Gp didnt put me on the max strength to start me off?

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Looking at the instructions on my patches (what brand you using, they might all give different advice) for someone on 15mg is a light smoker, 10 or less, a day. Bit weird they gave you that and not the higher ones, but if you are coping then that's awesome! Just stick on that level for longer, then drop down a level :) Maybe your doc was worried about overdosing you on nicotine or something no idea. Keep up the fantastic work, and be really proud of yourself! xxx


Hi Zoe, its Pete, erm, i smoked 40 a day, and i am on 25mg patches, which i think are the strongest ones going, but if you were on 20 a day, then perhaps Lenne is right!! the 15mg patches are for you, erm look, erm there is no easy way to do this, as in you will still get the cravings, what ever you use!!!! :(

But this site dont half help gal,

I think we all expect some bad days, but'' we also get good days as well!! :D

But i think i have told you before that i also use an inhalator for my hard times!! which works for me!!!! :) but everybody''s diferent gal.

That is why this site is so helpfull, because we all use different ways to deal with it!!!! :) and people like you and me express our feelings, so that other people know what to do!!!! if that makes sense????

Pete :)


Hi Pete .... The reason I joined this site was to gain from some experience and give myself a chance to stay a non smoker this time .... like i said i am coping ok on the lower strength patches even with the cravings i still manage to get through them ok.... it was just curiosity really as last time i attempted to quit I was given the 25mg ones and just wondered if anyone else had been given the lower strength patches or whether my gp had made a mistake .... I actually feel quite silly for mentioning it now as my mum always said to me "If it aint broke chick then why fix it?"

But i am so grateful for your's and everyone else's input as it really helps to stay focused on the job at hand and that is a much happier and healthier future :)



Hey Zoe, how are feeling today? Hope all is still good for you :-)


Hi Emjay .... yes all is still good thanks .... coughing like hell but I hear that is a common side effect of giving the ciggies the boot .... my bf has come on board too and is gonna give it a go which will help alot so all in all everything is going ok .... its hard when the cravings appear but the gum seems to be helping with them



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