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Hiya I'm Pete, just wandered if any of you do yoga!!!!!!

There is a young lady on this site that suffers from arthritis and has a lot of pain with it, so i was wandering if yoga could help her get over the pain barrier after she exercises, because exercising helps you to quit smoking!!!!!!

I would love you to get back to me please, with any imformation that you can give.

Thankyou very very much.

Pete. :-)

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hi pete, not sure about yoga, i would imagine it would help not tried it myself

. see if anyone else knows the answer. sorry not very helpful.



I dont know about Yoga but I have been doing Tai Chi for 16 years, I started because of Back problems, I fractured my spine falling down the stairs had it fused and 3 disc removed but was in agony all the time. I tried everythink and every pain killer going, read about Tai Chi and have never looked back. I have recently had both Hips replaced due to a childhood disease, I am back doing Tai Chi every morning, aerobics every week and a 2 mile walk everyday. Give it a go if you have aching joints, its very gentle and keeps you supple, I recommend it to anyone. It is not easy to learn but its worth the effort. It,s great for young and old, I am not a spring chicken myself but it works for me. Instead of thinking about our enemy ( ciggys ) having somethink new to learn keeps the mind occupied and might help some of you.

Hope so



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