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feels good

hi again. still off the ciggys.

really felt good this morning , got an e mail asking me if i spent too much on

cigarettes. answer nil. what a pleasure to delete that message.

not a bad morning this morning so going for a mile walk around yeadon tarn, local beauty spot. breath in some fresh air insted of smoke.


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Enjoy your walk JillyGirl, sounds lovely. You're getting healthier everyday now :-)


Hi Jillygirl, nice one gal you deleting that message, and i hope you have a nice walk, without the heavens opening up. I dont know about you but i just love breathing the fresh air, i'm lucky i live in the country side, so have just got to climb over a fence and i'm there, with the cows, sheep, horses, etc, but today 1 farmer has decided to fertilise 1 field with cow____ so dosent smell so good today!!!!!

Chat soon gal Pete. :-)


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