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I gave up smoking with Tabex after 25yrs of smoking and i think they are brilliant and i would highly rcommend these tablets of which soilders used in the 1st world war and our NHS has just decided to look in to this remedy now and these are a natural remedy with no side affects and its only a 28 day course,not like the weired crap on the NHS now that give you sleep depravation etc and are a 3 mth course

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Hi Brennan, I havent heard of Tabex - can you tell me a little more about them? I gave up smoking in February and I am using patches and the spray but I still struggle with cravings.


hi jane,tabex are a tablet like champex but without the side affects and are only a 28 day course but are not avalible in this country yet but in the next 2 years it will roll out on the nhs.i smoked for 25 and gave tabex a go and i didnt get moody taking them or any other side affects apart from stomach wind lol but you still need will power but they worked wonders for me,these are a natrual remedey from bulgaria if you want more info just google tabex there are loads more details on the internet and good look love x


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