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heatherb_14 Month Winner
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Hi, I just wanted to give an update on my progress & if anyone feels like sharing there’s with me, feel free! :) I’m almost at 8 weeks without smoking!! My biggest struggle with quitting wasn’t craving a cigarette, it was anxiety. It was absolutely awful for almost the whole month after I quit. Within the last week or 2, I’ve been trying to face the anxiety head on & not let it control me anymore. It isn’t 100% gone but I’ve been able to go to the grocery store with ease lately & even hangout with friends occasionally. I believe my anxiety has caused some depression because I get sad when I think about wanting to feel “normal” which was basically how I felt before the anxiety took over my brain. If anyone can relate to that please let me know.

I definitely hate the smell of other people smoking cigarettes but I won’t lie & say that I don’t miss it sometimes. Lol

8 Replies
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Hiya heatherb_, well done for your 8 weeks smoke free (Your badge will change on Sunday) I've bumped it up today. Sometimes we miss one, sorry hun.

The increase of anxiety is very common when we quit. Nicotine has a way of covering a lot of things up. I suggest that you have a word with your doctor about it. If you are/were on meds before you quit the dose may need adjusting. If you're not on meds there's quite a lot of natural remedies that can help.

If you're looking for a quit buddy here's the link.


Thanks for your update it's always good to hear from members. You're welcome to post when you need a helping hand or a shoulder to lean on. You're also welcome to join in with our daily chat.

Have a good day,🚭🌈

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heatherb_14 Month Winner in reply to TheTabbyCat

Thank you!! & I made my first appointment with a therapist which will be on October 15th!! I’m looking forward to combating this anxiety to feel the full positive effects of quitting!! 😁

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TheTabbyCatAdministrator in reply to heatherb_

You're very welcome. It's a shame that you have to wait a month for that apt. In the meantime I suggest that you have a go with Briarwood's App. "Calm"

All the best, :)

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Hi heatherb🙋‍♀️Huge well done for 8 weeks smoke free🚭👍🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

As our lovely Tabby has said, anxiety can be a side effect of quitting. There is a free app called Calm which can be very helpful. There are also mindfulness and meditation techniques that will help.

I’m with you on the smell of other people smoking😩 We never knew how bad it stinks until we quit.

It’s ok to say you miss them as our lives have been intertwined with smoking and it’s early days. Hang on to the fact that you’re doing the very best thing for a healthier future🚭💪

Treat yourself to something nice as a reward🛍 and be very proud of yourself. You’re doing great🤗xx

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heatherb_14 Month Winner in reply to Briarwood

Thank you!! ❤️ & I just might have to!! Lol it’s been a loooong month lol

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Hi , well done ur doing amazing , I'm on week 3 not found it to hard other than my mom smokes and I can't stand the smell I have to throw windows open its crazy when ur not smoking how you find the smell so strong

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Well done heatherb_ 8 weeks quit smoking that's great, I found it hard when I quit but I never had any anxiety just the dreaded day 3 mood swings and a few moody days , yes I miss the dreaded Mr nic still but I'm still not taking Ng the plunge back into that dreaded life style again, my body has noticed a difference now even though I've had an operation I still feel full of energy to this day forward, it will get better and the rewards your body will feel in time is amazing, 🙂

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heatherb_14 Month Winner

I appreciate all the kind words! I love hearing the positive outcomes of quitting! 💪🏼

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