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I’m struggling so much with cravings, it’s making me feel all over the place especially at work!

I’m on my third day of quitting and doing this for my health as I’m still young and don’t want it to get to 30 odd years of smoking as I’ve only been doing it for 8 years. My boyfriend is also a non smoker so I am doing it for him as well.

I just want to know what to do while craving one!!

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Hi arxoxo, If you have a look at the pinned posts there are a few articles under Cravings. I have given you a link for one of them which Monky posted a while back,


It should ease off soon as you have done really well achieving 3 months. :) xx



Divert your mind when in craving . Call some one talk to them.

Play some games on mobile , check Facebook /WhatsApp etc .

Craving go away in few mins .

So buy Time not cigarettes.

As your quit progress , cravings becomes low in intensity and frequency.

So all of this manageable . Keep your will power strong .

Read pinnned post here on craving and triggers it will help you a lot .

Whatever you are going through or feeling you can share here we will be happy to help 👍👍

All the best .

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Hi are you using some form of NRT? This should help if you are going cold turkey. x


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