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100 days


Dear all,

It's 100 days since my quit on the 18th February 2018. Please let me take the opportunity now and thank all of you, from who I have learned a lot either through reading your posts or the good advice I've got.

Just to repeat, I've not had any cravings, at least major ones, even from day 1. On the other hand, nothing has changed from day 1, which makes me think that it may all be over at once some shiny day. Otherwise, withdrawal symptoms are not supposed to last forever and this is confirmed.

I'll be very pleased to hear from you.

Have a good time!

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Hi there Exling, 3 months is superb. You have been very fortunate with your quit , and I do hope it carries on without any cravings etc. Enjoy your smokefree life. :) xx

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Hi Jilly, thanks for your response, yes, I haven't had any cravings but I constantly have other symptoms, including brain fog, and I'm not thus that lucky.

Corrina1254 YEAR WINNER

Hi Exling

You've done and are doing wonderfully well despite the withdrawals which I hope will go soon and I also wanted to thank you for the support that I see you give others! You should treat yourself to something nice! You deserve it!

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Thank you Corrine, we are here for each other and we certainly are good friends!


Hello Exling ☺ 3 is often the magic number! I started feeling noticeably better after 3 months. I hope it's the same for you. Congratulations on your 100 days, it's a great achievement. 🙌🙌🙌

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Thank you Rhinette! Let's wait and see.

Have a good time!

Grimreaper11 Month Winner

Wow 100 days .. a century and not out ..

great batting Exling .. u have taken nicotine to park with your strong hitting of 4s and 6s ... welldone 👍👍👏🏻👏🏻

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Thanks Grim, good to hear from you!

CheeseSolvesItAll9 MONTH WINNER

Well done, that badge is hard earned, but well deserved.

MAB519 Months Winner

Wow, Exling, you are doing great! No cravings is just crazy..wonderful! I can't say the same but so happy for you! I wish you continued success in your quit journey! Life is good! xxx

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Thanks MAB5, I am not so lucky, I do have some type of constant depression as well as brain fog which makes my quit fairly difficult.

MAB519 Months Winner in reply to Hidden

Sorry Exling, I hope you overcome your issues, you should be getting close to beating these troubles but if you don't improve please see your doctor. After my quit my thyroid went crazy, I thought it was quit symptoms, took me 8 months to get even some better, you just never know what that nicotine is covering up. Best to you. xxx

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Thank you MAB5, you have mentioned this in an earlier message, I am sorry I did not let you know that I have checked my thyroid a few months ago and the blood tests were fine. Hope that your thyroid and your general health is as good as it can be now.

MountainFree16 Months Winner

You made it this far and it can only get better. Keep it moving.

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Thanks, yes, once we have quit, we must keep on!

Arizona-26 Months Winner

Good morning ☕️☕️

You are having a smooth quit . It’s probably your determination plus you sound done with this addiction once and for all !

3 months is just fabulous 👍

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Thank you Arizona, it's not such a smooth quit, I must cope with kind of depression and brain fog. Yes, 3 months and right after you. I would so much like to hear from you that you are totally symptom-free so that, hopefully, my turn comes.

Arizona-26 Months Winner in reply to Hidden

Hi exling😊

Oh I didn’t realize you suffer depression. That’s very difficult. I do as well. That’s where the psychological pull makes me think that smoking will help but it doesn’t . My last quit was 18 months and relapsed believing smoking would help. It didn’t It made me worry more about my health .

Okay hang in there and way to go for persevering 3 months !

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