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Tickling amd itnching in neck after quitting smoking

Heloo everyone

I quit smoking 1 week a go and today i am having an itchy feeling in my neck and this feeling is deep inside neck that i cannot make it better by coughing because that feeling is deeper than cough can clear throat and that itchy feeling is continous with inhaling and exhaling .. i am a lil bit worried about this

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First of all Muziii Congratulations on one week Quit!! Coughing is a very normal symptom when you quit and I suffered from the deep itchy cough that you are describing. Mine lasted, off and on, for about one month. However, if you are really worried then pop along to your GP.

Stay strong and remember Not One Puff Ever (N.O.P.E.).

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Hi Muziii and welcome

I had the same thing, complete with the annoying dry cough. I had a check up at the doctors and she says it's the fine hairs growing back, they are very sensitive to begin with and that's what was causing the itching. It will get better in a week or two.

If you are in any doubt, please get checked out 👍

There are some great advice to be had in the pinned posts section, worth having a browse around.

If you can give me your quit date, I will add you to our wall of winners and allocate you a badge.

Good luck

Karen xx

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