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Power of Little Monster

We all know how much dangerous cigarettes are to our health and yet sometimes after quitting and the physical withdrawal is gone , we crave for that poison . I continue to crave sometimes , it just frightens me .

We feel pity on other drug addicts , the ones using heroin , cannabis and other illegal substances and think how could they possibly be addicted to these things .

Cigarettes are far more dangerous , yet is legal and is ok to smoke any where outside. Why is cigarettes still accessible to everyone and the government does not care . your thoughts ?

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Money! To my mind the Govt. pays lip service to help people stop smoking, but the reality is they get billions of pounds a year from the taxes on tobacco products. It is more than enough to fund the entire health service several times over.

If they wanted to they could ban it completely but of course they never would. Call me cynical if you want.

I have also heard that experiments show that cigarette addiction is stronger than heroin. x


Hi sekar, well done on your 2 weeks smokefree, brilliant 👏🏼👏🏼

I agree with lil, it's MONEY plain and simple😡

Your cravings are very normal but I promise it will get easier. when the cravings hit try the breathing techniques under pinned posts and keep busy. Distract yourself and sip water as this will help.

Remember NOPE not one puff ever🚭👍🏼😊

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Thank you , appreciate the support . Yes , not one Puff ever .... i keep saying that to myself

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