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hiya it's been a couple of weeks since i was last on but i am now coming up to my 4th week of no smoking on tuesday . everything has been going great , i'm not gaining weight as i have changed my eating habit by having fruit and drinking plenty of water , but i now seem to be having some bizarre dreams . i am just wondering if anyone else has experienced this ?

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  • Hello Chelle, Dont worry for some reason lots of us have bizzare dreams when we are in the early weeks of quitting. Why? I dont really know. I think it could be our subconscious working over time. It does settle down though. :) xx

  • thankyou i thought i was going mad it's been nearly a week . dreaming about things i normally don't think about in day to day living .

  • Hi Chelle

    Perfectly normal....... but interesting isn't it 😂👍

    Karen xxx

  • yes karen i'm dreaming about things that i wouldn't normally think about .. i'm just glad i'm not going to go mad .lol thanks

  • I woke up one morning, not so long ago, telling my husband I'd had a lovely chat with my mum. I could see myself on the phone..... feel the handset in my hand, as clear as day, told my hubby everything we talked about. Unfortunately, my mum passed away 13 years ago!?

    Strange thing the mind....


  • i've been the same my mother in law passed away at the end of june and i've had dreams about her , my gran and papa . it's really weird and it does feel like they are actually there . i wake up thinking did i just experience that for real .xx

  • AH! Thanks for re-posting this article! I'm on my 5th day of not smoking and I am having some off the wall dreams - nice to know there's a "good reason" for them :-)

  • well done on your quit , i never thought i'd get passed my 1st day but i'm now on my 4th week on tuesday . it's not just been the dreams . at the start i had a very heavy chest and couldn't cough anything up and then the 2nd week it was bloating and constipation at one point i couldn't cope but i'm not going to give in this time ... Good Luck and best wishes x chelle

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