Wanting to smoke after 6weeks

hi all just found myself here for distraction as I am finding myself really wanting to smoke today even though it is 6 weeks today since I last smoked - purely by accident I stopped when I did and entirely due to having the most awful cough and cold that has been ongoing and has just about gone now (which is probably why I now want to smoke) I feel I cannot give in but finding it extremely tough today - I did stop smoking for 8 years using patches 4 years ago and starting again was my biggest regret in life so far so I need to now stay strong and know I can do this - all traces should be gone because I have not used any replacement to smoking.......

Oh well I have waffles for 5 mins and tried distraction but really don't think it has worked as just talking about it now !!! thanks for taking the time to read this

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  • Hi shazbog,

    I hope the coming on here did act as a distraction for you and you stayed true to your quit. Can you let us k ow your quit date so we can adjust your badge..thanks 🍀🍀

  • Hi I am still finding today tough and hard but need to stay strong - have given up twice in last and failed both times - 8 years though ......really what a failure - feeling very down and unhappy at moment to which I am putting down to stopping smoking and having had this chest infection for 6 weeks and hurting ribs ...... wish I could forget I ever ever smoked 😄 I actually stopped this time on Friday 28 April 2017 so guess doing well really

  • Find something positive to think about... Like how wonderful it feels when you do not smoke... I am 12 days in and had a very challenging day yesterday... I went to the funeral of my only girl friend (only been living in Newcastle for 4 years) I know lots of guys through my husband, but it is not the same as being able to have girl chat... Anyway, I thought for sure I would weaken yesterday, especially when I had a drink to celebrate her life ( do not normally drink... One is enough to give me the giggles)... I was amazed when we got back home and I went through the day without any desire for a smoke... You can do it... I slept on my back last night for the first time in 14 years since I started smoking again. Loved it... Think positive!!!

  • Shazbog

    Don't do it!

    I know from very personal experience it's hard to get back once you've had just one.

    Keep strong 💪🏻

    Karen xx

  • Try this. See if it works.

    You have now been off nic for six weeks, so technically or chemically speaking, you should have no need for nicotine.

    What you are feeling is a psychological crave, which will do what? It will reintroduce nicotine into your system. And once that nicotine enters your system, it will soon leave your system (within an hour or two), and as it leaves, it will create a void which you will then want to fill with another cigarette. And so the chain will begin all over again. That is how smoking or nicotine addiction works.

    Instead look at it this way. You have already kicked the monster out of your system. Six weeks is a massive achievement.

    Think of how good your lungs feel without that dodgy smoke. Think of how nice your lips, mouth, teeth, gums, fingers and nostrils feel. Think of how your appetite and taste buds have improved.

    What does a cigarette do for you? Absolutely nothing my friend, except for creating the desire for the next cigarette. It is a self-serving sinister trap. Don't fall for it again.

    Enjoy the feeling that you are finally FREE. Free form slavery, free from addiction, out of the nicotine prison. Enjoy your freedom.

  • I know I read Alan Carr book first time I ever packed up and never thought of it that way but still went back why or why - feeling sad at moment - need to pull myself together !!!! I do think being unwell for a few weeks has contributed to me feeling this way but on a positive it pushed me into quitting without thinking about it so now need to stay of them x

  • If you have read Dr Carr, then you well know lighting up is not going to d anything. Stay quit buddy. This fourm is ever ready with encouragement.

  • Hi, stay strong!!!! Congratulations on 10 months smoke free, way to go!! Holly

  • I'm six weeks as well... funny enough the last couple of days I've felt so positive but I had a major wobble around the five weeks mark. Anyway, you should feel good that you gave up for eight years and think of how much healthier you are for not having smoked all that time rather than beating yourself up over starting again! You did the quit once, you can do it again. X

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