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Stopped smoking this April

I stopped smoking this april without planning it, I woke up on the 16th April and I was not feeling very well and could not even face having a fag and so here I am still not smoking But I feel like I have no energy and in the morning I just don,t want to get out of bed, I can sleep for England, But I just keep saying to myself if I have just 1 Fag I'm back to square one wishing that I didn't smoke. But does it really get better for not smoking energy wise because I could do with a good boost

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I found I'm exhausted. If I didn't work I'd probably never get out of bed. I also make myself go for walks or use the treadmill. And I always lived being outdoors! I figure it'll pass. Good luck to you on your journey!


Hello and welcome to quit support. Well done on your quit. Feeling tired and lack of energy does happen when you quit. You have been quit for quite a while now, so I would tend to get checked out at your doctors. It could be your anemic or short of vitamin D.

Have a browse at the pinned posts.

Please dont start smoking again when you have gone all this time. Things do improve as you go further into your quit.

I will add you to our wall of winners and assign you your badge.

Well done once again. :) xx

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