Stopped smoking this April

I stopped smoking this april without planning it, I woke up on the 16th April and I was not feeling very well and could not even face having a fag and so here I am still not smoking But I feel like I have no energy and in the morning I just don,t want to get out of bed, I can sleep for England, But I just keep saying to myself if I have just 1 Fag I'm back to square one wishing that I didn't smoke. But does it really get better for not smoking energy wise because I could do with a good boost

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  • I found I'm exhausted. If I didn't work I'd probably never get out of bed. I also make myself go for walks or use the treadmill. And I always lived being outdoors! I figure it'll pass. Good luck to you on your journey!

  • Hello and welcome to quit support. Well done on your quit. Feeling tired and lack of energy does happen when you quit. You have been quit for quite a while now, so I would tend to get checked out at your doctors. It could be your anemic or short of vitamin D.

    Have a browse at the pinned posts.

    Please dont start smoking again when you have gone all this time. Things do improve as you go further into your quit.

    I will add you to our wall of winners and assign you your badge.

    Well done once again. :) xx

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