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4 Months Quitter

Hi Guys,

I stopped smoking around 4 months Ago and my health is in SHIT.




I was Expecting the Worst GOT CT SCAN, PET SCAN, ULTRASOUND EVERYTHING IS NORMAL But Still Bit Worried


Doctor said it will be like 5-7 years when Things will be normal again Any Suggestions Guys Any thing that Can Help

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Hi there Bhuvan, Many members have similar symptoms when quitting. However I do think the 5 to 7 years is a bit over the top. These symptoms you are experiencing are not uncommon and should be easing off soon. Drink plenty of water. Gargle with salt water or a mouthwash. Have some lozenges to soothe your throat or honey and lemon.

Have a look at the pinned posts for more information. The doctors probably mean 5 yrs before your lungs and heart go back to a condition before you smoked. However you shouldnt suffer all this time. Unfortunately smoking masks lots of things, and it isnt until you stop that these problems arise.

I would insist on seeing a doctor again if things dont settle down in the next couple of months , or if things get worse.

I will assign you your badge and add you to our wall of winners. :) xx

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Everyone is different, but yes it could take a long time. I was over a year before I became what I would class as normal.

However I still have phlegm constant at the back of my throat. Still get bad heartburn / gerd that I hadn't had before I stopped smoking. 😊

Keep with it

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Like the others, we are all different, I was probably a year as well. I feel we all need to listen to our bodies and get regular health checks during the first 12 months. Smoking masked hypothyroidism for me so keeping visiting your GP if you have any concerns


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