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One side sore throat

Hello everyone, i had one sided sore throat as i never got one sided i was panicked went to doc. He told its viral infection can go within 4 to 5 day with help of antibiotics. He also explained me that widhrawls are different for everyone as you are coughing mucus it might have caused infection. I wonder how different out human body is and widhrawl symptoms

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Everything seems to come to th surface once we quit doesn't it. Glad you got the doctor to check and everything will be OK 👌

Keep going

Karen xxx


Hi hail, sorry to hear you're not feeling the best but hopefully the antibiotics will have you feeling better soon. Yes unfortunately side effects can vary so much with everyone but you're doing great with your quit, well done.

6 weeks quit is brilliant and it will all be worth it so hang in there for better days ahead💐😊

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Wow not many doctors would give antibiotics for a viral infection. Yes everyone's quit is different. Good luck with yours. Xx

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