Quit today any advice?

Hi all, new here, well on this forum. Ive been on the site its self for years under the anxiety forum. Anyway ive quit smoking today. Had my last few fags this morning and since then when ever i feel like a fag i have a few puffs on my e cig. I have tried quiting before, years ago. The most being a week or two. I really want to do it this time and i am going to. Anyones advice welcome on your own stories xx

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  • Hi Dizzydona, welcome to quit support. Have a good nosy round and any questions just shout. we are all here to help and support each other. Keep with us and we will help you quit. No pressure everything is in your own time.

    Have a look on the right of this page , you will find lots of hints. stories etc.



  • Aup Dizzydona33, a big warm welcome to our quit support family :) :)

    Dona, you have done the best thing in your life :) thats to QUIT SMOKING :) :) :) If you look to the right of your post, you will see ''Pinned Posts'' please have a look through there :) cos there's loads of help :) :) orrrrrrrrrr the Topics just below :) hmmm, now they will keep you occupied for a while eh :D :D

    Dona, please write down the WHY's you want to quit :) and make some copies and stick them all around your house to remind you WHY your quitting :) :) and I am loving the fact that you REALLY DO WANT TO DO IT THIS TIME :) :) :)

    When that mr flippin nic comes a calling, you just TELL him, that you WANT TO BE FREE :) :) and not a slave anymore :) NOPE, NOPE, Not One Puff Ever :) :)

    Please, please stay with us Dona and we will try to help you all the way through your quit journey :) cos we all know what your going through :)

    Pete :)

  • Hi Dona and welcome to our quit family😊

    Well done for making the best decision you can for your future health👍🏼 As you already know, it's not easy but lots of help available here. We have all been where you are now and we really do understand🚭

    Our lovely admin have given you great advice already, so I'll just say please drink lots of water to flush out the toxins. The breathing techniques under pinned posts are very helpful and also stay close to this site coz it makes a big difference😊

    Good luck on your quit journey🍀 You can do it😊

    NOPE not one puff ever🚭

  • Well done dizzydonna, just take one day at a time, stay close to this site and shout out if you need help, you can do it. We all know what you are going through. I have tried several times, but never got past 3 weeks. Determination is the key, and you got it. I had an nhs calender which showed the benefits of each day you haven't smoked. I also enjoyed tearing each day off. It got me through the first 4 weeks, and the support from these lovely people . Stay strong xx

  • didnt know there was an anxiety site but if you have that under control then it will be a smoother ride for you. I tried once made it 3 months, then a physical torment took me back but I will try again and I did cut down alot and I hold more than I smoke. I tried e-cigs and they burnt my lower lip maybe I wasnt using it properly there are no directions lol. Keep doing your best that is all anyone can ask of you.

  • Hey Ddona,


    Ya anxiety can be so crippling ....But you made a life changing decision to give up cigarettes👍🏻👏👏👏👏👏 I had an emotional crutch on them ... Mine was more depression after my soulmate passed away tragically... I lost hope and gave up on myself ... Thank God for this site... Keep your reason close why you need to stop... I keep the site real close !! xxxx

  • Always knew you had an amazing inner strength AZ-your presence on here is inspirational to us all. Look what you've achieved in the face of such adversity-I am in awe my lovely friend. Have a peaceful day, much love Poll x

  • Awe thanks Polly❤️️ You are so kind. Just having my first coffee 6 am today☕️☕️Sounds like life is treating you well after reading one of your recent posts. Just loved it!!!

    Take good care

    Lv Az xxxx

  • Its been a big struggle. Emotions was all over the place, moods swings have been vile. Im refusing to give in, im not giving in no way. Ive decided to vaper more, im on a 12 nicotine. Ive been told i need an 18 but im staying on the 12. I dont want to stay on the vaper for ages but rather the go totally cold turkey im on vaper. Its very hard but like i say im not giving in.

    Thank you all for your comments/advice i will for sure look at the pinned posts xx

  • Hi Dona! I am sure this time it will be easier! Because this time you have this group's support. They have given me the strength to last 1 week without smoking. I am sure you will benefit too. I wish you all the best in this healthy decision! Just remember! Not 1 puff!

  • Hi Dona,

    Just take it one day at a time and keep yourself busy. The first week will be the hardest and then it gets better.

  • firstly well done indeed in throwing the cigs away .i have problems with stress and when things balloon i grab a fag perhaps this time will be more kind to us .just been helped by my boss has banned smoking in all the vehicles.keep some mints and also chewing gum yes the good e cig helps you out .please keep me posted on your progress it might help us both to quit the smoking before it kills us regards

  • struggling here a lot just dying for a fag

  • Nooooo Parry! Quick, do something different....get outside with a big coat, scarf, hat and gloves on and walk round the block. Do a running dialogue in your head of everything you see on your walk-as though you've got to recount it all to whoever's at home when you get back. Keep bringing your attention to your breathing; focus on the point it enters your body I.e. your nose and feel the breath fill your lungs. And exhale. Keep your awareness on the breath and what's going on all around you. In your face craving, you got it under control!!! Much love, stay strong Poll x

  • many thanks im using a e cig know but thanks for your support

  • Yeah, the e-cig is a saver, isn't it? That's how I'm doing it. I started cold-turkey because I wasn't able to take a drag of the one I'd lit. After I got outta the hospital, tho, it wasn't but as easy, but I knew I wasn't going back. I'd never been able to put more than a day and a half together b4, and it had been a few days. I don't start something and not see it thru. This is the only thing I think I've ever quit, but proud, I am. My kids are looking forward to having me around for a very long time. The e-cig is only temporary for me, tho. I don't intend to continue with it forever. I'm not rushing it, either. 😎🙃

    Keep using ur ecig. It WILL continue to help u. Keep coming here to post, too. We're all in this together. (Idk about u, but I do MUCH better at everything when I'm part of a team.) ttys

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