2 week winner!

2 week winner! A half a month. I don't know whats working for me but something is on my side. The patch is working great for me. Im a little nervous about the step down but this won't be for a week or two.  Thanks again for all the support from all of you.  It makes a big difference to know there are people going through the same thing.  Lots of love you all. 😉👍💞

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  • Hi Sandra ..., way to go  :) you have done Brilliant  :) before you know it , it will be a month. Don't worry about reducing the patches yet, several weeks like you say. Just take one day at a time. You can do it :) :) xx

  • Thank you Maddyg and congrats to you too on your 3 month win. :)☆

  • Well done Sandra .... It's a great feeling isn't it?  It gets better and better and better 🎊🎉😀

  • Hi Sandra,

    You are doing brilliantly...stay strong 😀😀👍👍🚭🚭🚭🚭

  • Woo hoo 2 weeks winner Sandra, fantastic👍🏼 it's great the patch is working well and don't worry about the step down yet, just keep going one day at a time and when you get to the next stage, you'll be ready. You really are doing brilliant, well done🚭💐😊

  • Carry on with the good work, your doing great. xx0

  • Great Job on your quit!!!  2 weeks!! 14 days smoke free!!  you're lungs are thanking you!  You have God, strength, courage, faith and your entire quit family on your side dear Sandra!  you can do this!

  • Hi Sandra - well done you - yes patches are good take away the feeling of being agitated. Don't be nervous about the step down as I had to do mine a bit prematurely but it went amazingly well. Good Luck with it all JC.

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