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Day one folks and after reading what I jave to look forward to...kinda freaked out 😕     

  The best advice I've seen "This too shall pass."

I've quit before, twice.  Each time for 4 years but some shock or stupidness drew me back.

This time is the last time...do or die.

I'm super excited I found this place and expect to whinge and cry a bit, so thanks in advance.

Out for my brisk walk and then yogi breathing, ginger tea and a hot shower 🔅

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Go for it Roisan!! Yeah some of the quit stories are a bit harrowing but important to remember  it affects everyone differently. If you didn't get any of those extreme symptoms on your last two quits you are unlikely to get them this time either

Keep in touch, us newbies have to stick together.. Good luck 👍👍 👍


Arhhh welcome Roisan, and a big Well Done on quitting  :) we have all tried several times, call them practice runs:) you can winge all you want , we are here to support each other :) we all know what your going through and have all had meltdowns. I know I have,  several times, and I have come straight on here :) So Stay Close to us , here for you. Enjoy your walk xx


I'm just focusing on what I wouldn't have to look forward to if I continue to smoke.

Good luck hun, if we continue to smoke the nasty effects of that won't go away, at least if we stop they'll go eventually. 



Great News!!

You Will Really appreciate being a non smoker


Hi Natalyyyy, how you getting on gal :) xx 


Welcome to our quit support community Roisan :) and a massive well done to you for taking that plunge to quit smoking :) 

Please, please, dont be frightened :) we are all different and we all have different symptoms when we quit !! 

The only symptoms I got when I quit was an empty feeling, bloated and sore mouth, but after a week or soo, they went :) :) soooooo, cos someone else has had a bad experience :o dosnt mean you will !!!!!!

Try to exercise even if its just a brisk walk, it all helps us to get through :) :) this forum/community is ACE :) :) cos we have all been where you are now or going through it :o 

Please feel free to vent, ask questions, or if you just want a good old chat, then we are all here for you :) :)  

Just remember Roisan, your not alone :) cos we are with you 10000000% :) 

Pete :) 


Hi Rosian,

And welcome to quit support 😀😀👍👍

You are being very wise looking ahead...honestly attitude really is a major key to quitting. 

I used to make a bit of a joke of cravings with myself...each time I got one one....I would say things to myself like....is that the the best you cand do - well ya need to do better than that if you gonna get me to light up...then would run a score 1 to me none to the cravings.😜

It worked for me...I made the decision.....took onboard what ever was thrown my way as my body heals from the 40 years of smoking. 

IT is very doable - and with the support from this group who have all been where you are...just makes the journey so much easier.

All the very best🍀🍀😀😀👍👍🚭🚭🚭🚭🚭


Try not to concentrate on all the bad stuff, none of it may happen. Instead just think of all the benefits of quitting. Fresher smelling clothes and house, recovery for those poor lungs of yours, decreased blood pressure, increased sense of taste and smell. Honestly the list is pretty endless. I honestly honestly don't remember any bad side effects of quitting, maybe I was just lucky but whilst it wasn't easy compared to my other attempts this one was easier than others. I'm happily 2 1/2 years quit and rarely think of smoking at all ever.I'm richer,happier and healthier than I ever was when I was dependant on nicotine. Good luck and stick with it, just so worth it.


Hi roisan and welcome😊 The others have said it all so please feel free to come on and whinge & cry😊🚭🚭🚭🚭🚭🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀


Welcome Roisan💐

Oh quitting is so much fun👎  Sweats , nausea, aching teeth etc etc ... All kidding aside .... It is soooo worth it !!  I use to worry about having a stroke because young women who smoke in my family have strokes and that is the main reason that made me quit smoking... Then I started to get to know people on site coping with COPD and cancer and they have been huge inspirations to all of us to not light up ... You're right about This Too Shall Pass.... My physical symptoms lasted a month and surely did pass ...

All the best to you ❤️🇨🇦


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