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Dreaded brain fog


I know I ask alot of things, sorry for being a pain in the butt, but I know Its possible to get brain fog, but is it normal to have it almost constant and since I quit over 2 and a half weeks ago.

I feel like I'm not there, like depersonalization.....

Really getting old and it's worse when I stand up and walk around.....  

If you had this, just seeing how long it lasted and what it was caused from and if it went away....  I would really really really feel better if I got an answer on this from someone who had this symptom,  I have to say this is the worst symptom of all.

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What do you mean by brain fog is that not remembering things. If it is worrying you I would go and see your GP. I am not one that puts everything you get is due to stopping smoking other things can cause it. 

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Hey army guy 👋

Are you eating properly? Poor concentration or focus can be because of low blood sugars. When we smoked it released stored fats and sugars ( the bad fats which could lead to clogged arteries ) which is why some of us ( and I was one ) skipped breakfast/lunch and not feel hungry. 

I would suggested more frequent smaller meals and drink water. 

It may also be you're feeling a bit down, stopping smoking can be like a bereavement. This is something that's been part of your life for a long time and now it's gone. When I first quit I made sure I kept busy, and of course came on here and read everybody else's stories which really helped. I also read Allen Carr the Easyway to stop smoking, which helped me get things in perspective. 

You're doing fantastic army man it does get easier I promise 👍



i'll have been quit 3 weeks tomorrow, i find my concentration wasn't there when i was trying to work/drive...function...i couldn't focus was kind of in a daze...the fog seems to still be with me when i'm driving but has lifted for the most part, i find drinking water all day does help.


Thanks everyone!!!!  Found a in-depth book on this, and spoke to my moms friend who is a doctor and he explained it in depth.

Well Its not as bad as it was knock on wood but its kinda always there.

I'm eating small meals, had a cardio stress test and they said everything was good.

Read online about Anxiety causing it, which causes Depersonalizaton, and the reason I quit smoking was because of a panic attack.....  

So I may be getting the panic symptoms and quitting symptoms mixed up.  

It is known to happen to smokers and you can have like a post withdrawal after the initial withdrawl???  Its kinda wild but alcoholics and drug users have this issue and they believe people who quit do as well.  Kinda why you see people suffering for months after quiting.

The Depersonalizaton can last a while but thinking about it makes it worse and Its hard when your zoned out like a zombie to not think about it.

Depersonalizaton feels like a dream constantly like your not there.  Its pretty miserable.  

Hopefully it gets better.  Quitting smoking has not caused it, anxiety and panic have, when you quit you have anxiety and your brain changes chemically for a short span to shield you from the "bad" so you kinda run on auto pilot...  Don't smoke Again if you have this.  It makes it worse.  

Thanks you all, I researched for 3 hours and found a book on it.

It does not last forever, it's your brain shutting it's self off chemically to keep it's self safe from stress, eventually it balances back out!!!!  Hang in there if you have this.

I got this and it's a struggle but get up and be active, even if you don't wanna be.  IF YOU PONDER ON THIS, IT WILL MAKE IT WORSE!!!

I played a game on my computer and I feel much better compared to earlier.

Same for anxiety, ignore it.


Thanks for that AAG it's always good to get answers when things start happening to our bodies. 

It can be really frightening whilst it's happening and you can't see the wood for the trees. Your response will help others too 😊👍

Glad it's put your mind at rest and that you've picked up to play your video games too 😊

Just as an aside..... You are not a pain in the proverbial and we want people to ask questions...... You may be asking somethings that others are too afraid or possibly feel that it's a daft thing to ask...... Well it ain't,  we are all quitters and as well as world peace we just want a world of quitters 😊👍


wonderful post Droopy--Thanks MmeT


Hi there - american_army_guy,

I was googling my symptoms and came across your post. I am mind blown!!! Cannot believe there is someone else out here who is, or was, experiencing the same symptoms precisely as I am. Can you please, please, please, tell me the name of the book you found about it? I could really use that right about now as I am going through every single thing you mentioned to a T.

Thank you so much if you reply; I know it has been a year since your original post. I would greatly appreciate it. Also, I hope that you were able to stay quit. :)



You're not alone!! I'm on day eight and I hate that I cannot focus!!


Ummmmm I get the post withdrawal after the initial withdrawal-am guessing you mean we first experience the physical effects of stopping smoking eg headaches, disturbed sleep patterns etc and then the psychological dependency issues kick in as an added bonus!! It surely is a colourful ride and I believe if we embrace each stage with curiosity rather than resistance then we stand a much better chance. What you resist persists as they say. 

I wish you peace and calm AAG, much love Poll X 


Hey Polly 🌷🌺🌹🌸☀️

Just wanted to say Goodmorning and send you best wishes❤️

Hang in there with pulmonary rehab xxxxx

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Thanks Arizona-will post later on in the week re pulmonary rehab progress. Loadsa love Poll x

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Great post Poll--loved it- MmeT


Hey army guy😊

In the first month I felt like I was sedated... It was weird... I didn't feel like myself... I was spaced out.... Some people get really hyper... I was the opposite.... Lack of dopamine... Cigarettes increase the feel good hormone in the brain dopamine... Not that you are lower in dopamine, you're feeling depersonalized.... Very common and our brains recover and you'll feel better... Hang in there ... You're doing awesome👏👏👏👏


Hey. Im sort of alone. Had a joint of hash 2 days ago, and then had a joint of hash again the next day and a joint of rainbow . I yesterday woke up to what i realised is called brain fog. its been 2 days like this. i cant share this with everyone. is this gonna stay forever? i didnt quit cigarettes. i smoked one yesterday too. im just so scared.


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