Day 3 and getting better

Well I've made it to day 3.  I took the patch off before bed last night and actually had a decent sleep.  No crazy dreams or restlessness...and I feel great today!  My cough/sneezing/sinus congestion has even subsided a little bit.  Had an emotional night last night which I have read lots about.  Just had a good cry over something silly and got it out of my system.  And on the plus side I have been picking a room every day and giving it a good clean just to keep me busy.  I'm going to come out of this a non-smoker with a super clean house lol!

3 Replies

  • Well done Liza on getting through another day, it's very emotional but delighted that you're feeling better today👍🏼 a good cry often helps😉

    Loving the sound of your nice clean house, any chance ya could pop over to mine😂

    Yes you ARE a non smoker and doing great so keep going💐😊

  • Hi Liza well done on reaching day three it is hard at the moment but gets easier in time after the first week, first month. Good you focusing on cleaning im obsessed with cleaning and you get your sense of smell back so everything needs to be fresh as a daisy! Lol 😀👀

  • You are doing great Liza 😀😀👍👍

    I did the same in those early days - room by room 👍👍😀😀

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