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Hello everybody hope your all doing well can't believe I've got as far as I have after 30 years at least of smoking don't think about it hardly at all now but I do take my vaper with me everywhere I go a bit like a comfort blanket I'm going to start swimming as well to help with the slight weight gain I've also been able to go down to 5mg on my blood pressure tablets so I'm not saying it has been plain sailing because it hasn't as you can read from previous posts but for all of you just starting it really does get easier so there is light at the end of the tunnel so keep going it will be worth it

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Hiya donesmokin

You have done brilliantly with your quit 😀😀 and thank you so much for your update..this truly does help our new members 😀😀👏 

That is awesome that your blood pressure mess have been reduced and taking up swimming will only do good things for you and may lead to further reduction in mess.

High blood pressure was the catalyst for me to quit smoking- it was my first health concern since having cancer back in 95...the very next day after the high BP, I quit..I changed diet and started walking - I still clock up my 10,000 steps minimum each day, which is a challenge when I have a desk job.. I am considerably lighter than when I first quit and have recently gone off BP meds all together. GP will monitor it has there is a family history but I am feeling pretty pleased with myself 😀😀

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Well done I just wish that there was someway of letting the youngsters know what they are letting themselves in for when they get older it seems that it does damage to almost all parts of your body but you don't realise until it could be too late but thanks to you guys on here I have managed to limit the amount of damage and some parts are in recovery so thank you because I couldn't have done it without you


Well done donesmokin 😊 4 months smoke free is amazing and a reduction in your meds.... Flippin fantastic hun 😊😊


CONGRATULATIONS donesmoking on your 4 months quit, brilliant🎈🎉🎊

Glad you're feeling the benefits of your new healthier lifestyle, great job👍🏼😊


Well done. Thanks for posting it's great to see and hear that you are doing so well:) stay strong x


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