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Support for people quitting in Leeds area

I've been reading through the posts and there are so many motivational comments, it is great to see all the support. I'm hoping to find somebody from the Leeds area who can help me out. If you have a story that you feel will help others to go smoke free, I would really appreciate it if you got in touch.

I'm writing on behalf of the Leeds West CCG, we would like to find a local inspiration who is proud to be a quitter. We would love to find a story to give people the motivation they need to quit and link it to No Smoking Day on the 9th March.

It is important to find someone local to Leeds as it makes a much more relatable story and "closer to home" in more ways than one.

Thank you for you support and we wish you all success in quitting once and for all.

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Hi there,

I quit smoking almost 4 years ago now.

I wrote a short story about my experience in the topics section under Quit story.

titled thank you quit support.

I have had a secondary cancer since all this and I am still so grateful that I quit smoking.

You are welcome to use the story or if you wish I could compose a more up to date one.

cheers. xx

please pm me if needed.


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