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Well I'm nearly at 6 weeks I think. I'm not counting anymore. I feel like a non smoker which is weird. Smoking on and off since I was 13 and now 52. I actually say I don't smoke to people now if asked that question. But omg the body is just disastrous. I do believe I've had almost every symptom. I'm now on a permanent drip of mucus yes yuck dripping onto my chest. Have just bought another cough medicine to loosen it up and try and cough it up. Even more YUCK. Maybe then if that clears up I might feel a little bit normal. Oh apart from the skin breakouts. Teenager here I come x

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  • Well done on nearly 6 weeks quit chr1stine, terrific😊

    Yep you're a non smoker now and should be feeling very proud👍🏼

    I guess we've been inhaling 4000 plus chemicals for so many years that it takes a bit of time for our poor bodies to adjust😩

    Then we can begin to notice all the positives, not smelling like a dirty ashtray and whiter teeth and not being a slave to them😱 Coz you're free now and you'll enjoy that freedom more and more as the weeks go by and you're body and mind recovers from all those horrible chemicals. Hang in there coz you're doing great💐😊

  • Thanku so much for the positive reply. Much appreciated. Love this site. Makes u stay confident x

  • Sounds like me last year, I also had dripping down my throat an still take an anti histamine every day, I asked the doctor what the best cough medicine was , he said none as if you think about it u just swallow an goes straight into your stomach? The breathing exercises worked for me, getting rid of the rubbish an still do, 9 months later, one day I hope to feel well lol,

  • So antihistamines work. I was thinking of that. So annoying. Just won't shift. I ll look at the breathing techniques aswell. Thanks for that. Well done for your quit too x

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