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quiting smoking time go slowly

hope everyone doing great, I quit smokin Janurary 10th and in a couple of days it will be a month, but in my mind and being it seems like so much longer, with the daily craving!!, some facts though, they come and go , don't last long, but it just you have this stop smoking task that is with up 24/7.I have to jut acknowledge it, control it, be strong and not ever give in. Nope! not one pup ever, i AM 60 UNEMPLOYED AND you know don't need to be buying $6 to $10 packs of ciqarettes, it does feel good that i can look over at them at the gas stations and say i am not a part of that anymore. Hopefully others will not let the system feed off you, if they need more taxes,, just go up on cigarettes and get that money buy No We do not have to feel that no matter the cost, we will pay to live a destructive life, I realize if I can smoke and die I can not smoke and LIVE!!!!! Hard absolutely, but if it is worth having , it is worth going through the storm

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Great positive post itnotme, thanks for sharing👍🏼

Congratulations on nearly a month, great achievement well done👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

with extra time on your hands now, maybe you can take up a new hobby or take some nice walks if possible. So many things better than smoking, in fact I think there's a list of 101 things to do instead of smoking on here somewhere. I'll have a look for ya😊


Love your post itnotme!! Love your honesty.

You're doing awesome...... Quitting is hard..... When I'm down mr Nic comes a knockin....... Watch out for him....... Addiction is cunning and baffling

Arizona xx


Thank you, I too have smoked for a very long time and now need to quit (med reasons). This site is a big help, with lots of great information about what I need to hear. This isn't an easy road to walk and not going it alone is really important to me.


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