Bright side

Thought everyone seems fed up or really struggling on here so I think we need to look on the bright side it was lovely outside today you can see buds coming through it was mild out and the sun was out the nights are getting lighter later we are all struggling with our quits in some way or another but we should all congratulate ourselves wherever we are on our quit journey because we have all made the decision to give ourselves a healthier future so I think sometimes we should just take a moment to look around us and see all the lovely things around and be thankful life isn't so bad

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  • Well said donesmoking, and that's my favorite song, always look on the bright side of life dum de dum de doo. That's what I like an attitude with gratitude👍🏼😊

  • Well, not everyone is struggling (I'm not and very grateful for that) --- but there is a lot on negativity hereabouts as of late. Some times I think new folks might be turned off to quitting by the sheer amount of complaints about withdrawal one finds here! Fortunately there are a few folks who offer encouragement and some practical advice.

    I appreciate your positive post and the encouragement to look outside of ourselves. Quitting, 'tho difficult for a little while is one of the best things I ever did -- heaven forbid I forget that! May I add --- that I find an "attitude of gratitude"to be most helpful... particularly when encountering any bumps in the road.... and at 5 months (almost 6), there are virtually none, BTW!

  • I agree Dunn.... Maybe we should have a positivity day 😀

  • When I came out the pool this morning the light was shining bright through the doors, such a contrast from 2 hrs before. Sums up the day really. Rollercoaster it is but there are smiles along the way and as someone posted earlier..the smiles get longer....Thanks for reminder :O)

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