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Last night was TOUGH!!!

My cold turkey quit date was 10-9-15, but man last night?!? Whew! I had to keep telling myself that I'm a nonsmoker!!!

Not sure where that came from. It's passed now. I know it's horrible, stinks, nasty, gross, delightful, deceiving and wait? I said delightful?! Ha

Hope everyone else is doing wonderful in their quit!

NOPE NOPE 🚭✅🚭✅🤗🙆

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Hi Coco sorry u had a bad night I was kind of wanting to hear that after 3 months it was a walk in the park ☹️☹️☹️

Then I thought if ur last night was so bad and remarkable maybe that means there are lots of good days.

At least u got thru it. Good to know u still have to be on ur guard.

I could of easily popped out this morning and had a few but somehow I got thru it 😎😎


Sorry to hear ya had a tough nite but ya got through so well done hun😊 sometimes for no reason this happens but the nic monster does try once in a while to get ya back😱 delighted he didn't persuade you but it makes us realise we can never drop our guard😇 wishing you a better day today💐


your awesome for staying strong coco, together we will do this, every day we have to remind ourselves that we are all non-smokers now, and we will forever be, as long as were strong, we will beat this together!!


Yep sometimes mister nic hits you like a train but you have to remember that you don't need nor want him anymore 😊

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