ok people be honest anyone else get fannyitis like me. My ass is sore from sitting and lying down but what can u do when your head is pounding, maybe its time for my rubber donut phase lol. Some one out there must have experienced a sore butt from sitting. I never noticed before because I was pre-occupied puffing but now is a different story. WTF do people do in a nursing home or a wheel chair their ass must hurt after a while

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  • Oh dear Bandit, I'm glad we don't have video. I'm laughing at your post, not your plight. I suspect that all that ails us may be magnified when we first quit smoking. After 11 weeks, I don't see dinosaur syndrome (a mega-saw-arse) being a symptom of withdrawal....unless quitting has made you constipated or irregular.

  • HA HA glad I made u laugh, I guess I never notced my sore ass before cause I was busy puffing, now I notice everything including my sore bum from sitting and either being on the computer or typing to u all. U had a good laugh and that is what counts. I tell it like it is and it hurt lol. Congrats on 9 months I hope I make it there. my side effects are starting to really get to me.

  • Note those side effects well Bandit, even write them down. If you're ever tempted to lapse, it may be good to have a reminder of what you went through quitting & what you will have to go through again next time you attempt to quit.

  • DUCK that lol if I ever smoke again thats it I will smoke til I die because I will never ever put myself thru this hell again. I dont get why people start again did they get a brain fart and forget the agony and pain they went thru or maybe if u do it properly and not cold turkey like me its not so bad so the memories of quitting dont take on the same horror and quitting again is not so hard or so bad.

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