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Now that I had vented, let me at least turn the coin over. I did smoke for over 37 years and yes i did quit in March of 2010, I was told all this hoopla about I would like food more, enjoy life more, able to spend more time around other people that do not like the smell, lungs would repair itself, sense of smell would be more keen, and clothes would be fresher along with the paint in the house, oh and don't forget the money.......lots of money to spare!

For the most part, everything is correct but some is not, it was just BS. I am though, very upset about the breathing situation, i do not enjoy food anymore than before, sense of smell is so heightened, that i can smell a dirty diaper two houses down the street, the money I have saved has added to additions to my house equaling 1400 sq feet, a bit about me....is that I have to stay busy and now having to stop more often to catch my breath is ridiculous.

I had tried everything under the sun to try quitting the smoke, and i mean everything! Until my heart doctor (family doctor) ask did I really want to quit or just jerking his chain, obviously, I choose to quit, and chantex was the only way it was going to happen. The doc said it block something in my brain, well that was the part I could not beat. So, here we are five years later and the chantex worked for ME!

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Hi unclebe, have you tried swimming? I find that it helps my breathlessness as I have to concentrate my breathing...... Also there are some breathing excersises on the pinned posts you may find useful.... Sorry I can't do anything about the dirty diaper two houses down 😊 I think I would have to agree with you about the food, I'm not sure I 'enjoy' it any more than I did before, however if I'm eating out I no longer feel the urge to shovel it down so I can go out for a smoke 👍😊

You must have saved a serious amount of cash to extend your house...... That's fantastic and it's a permanent reminder of what not smoking can give you 😊😊😊


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