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Holiday Season

Hello you all fabulous non-smokers and wannabes. So holiday season is coming and I'm afraid I will slip, because it is the time friends get together and all. I am currently in UK but will go back to my home country and I am almost deadly sure someone will offer me a ciggie and by someone I mean my best friends. How could I say no if all of them smoke, I would be like a black sheep. #Feelsbadman

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Dora Dora Dora don't do it...... !!!! By the time Christmas comes round, you will be almost 2 months quit hun. Do you really want to go back to the beginning??

Your friends should be supporting you and not encouraging you to smoke....... make sure they all know you have given up and that your serious. If they are true friends they won't let you smoke 😃 just because they smoke doesn't mean you have to...... just say NOPE...... 😃

Christmas can be a difficult time for us non smokers but we have to be strong and resolute throughout the festivities. 😃


Hi Doras :)

Yes, your dead right, we are coming up to the holiday season when drinks flow and we meet our family and friends that we havnt seen for some time :) Doras, you are not a black sheep :o you are intelligent and want to live a healthy life :) :)

Its going to be a hard time for you Doras, it will be a hard time for most of us :o BUT it is doable :) and I have the fullest confidence in you :) :)

You have to think Doras, ''WHY'' did ''YOU'' decide to quit in the first place :o you must have some good reasons too :) Keep those reasons close to you :)

When you get back to your home country, maybe try to see your best friends individually :) and you hold your head up high and tell them you have quit the cigs :) and tell them WHY you have :) Ask them not to offer you one :) or perhaps smoke in front of you :) Doras, if they are true friends, I assure you, they will help you :)

Doras, this is YOUR LIFE we are talking about and not theirs :o if they want to carry on smoking, then thats up to them eh :o Perhaps, let them know about this forum :) I dont know where your home country is :o or whether you can communicate with this site or not :o if not, then please print some of the articles on here that helped you to quit and take them back with you :) sooooo, if one of your friends want to quit, at lease, they have something to work on eh :)

You are 7 weeks quit tomorrow Doras :) that is a fantastic achievement and I'm sooooo PROUD of you pal :) :) you've worked really hard to be where you are now :) sooo, lets try and keep all your hard work good :) :)

Doras, if you need any more help before you go home, then just please, please ask :) :) cos thats what were here for :)

Take care now and hope to speak soon :)

Pete :)


Hi Dora,

You have been given some great advice😀😀

Just remember, this is your journey to staying smoke free - See it as a challenge and plan what strategies you need to put in place to make sure you remain true to your quit.

You truly don't want to go through these 6 weeks again. Keep reminding yourself that you are now a non smoker - not someone who will give in to temptation when around friends who smoke.

I go home back to my home country and catch up with many of my friends who all smoke. The first time I went back after I quit, I told them I quit and they were so proud of me, so you may have the same thing with your friends.

You can do this Dora, smoking is not a social thing - it is evil and will destroy you. You have broken free from the horrid addiction - and owe it to yourself to stay free 👍👍😀😀


Hey Doras2

You've come a long way and your body is healing from a deadly addiction that rots us from the inside out....... You may have a better education about the seriousness of smoking than your friends do. You don't have to preach to them about not smoking ....... Just be true to yourself........ Just say "I quit cigarettes"

They may be uncomfortable with it..... Maybe not...... But you're #1!!!!!!!!!

This is our life we're talking about ...... We will all probably face adversity along our quit journey and we just NEVER TAKE THAT ONE PUFF BECAUSE ONE PUFF TURNS INTO 1 PACK etc etc etc

Keep this site close

You're doing awesome👏🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉



Hiya Doras, please please please just say NO

Be proud to be a non smoker coz that's what most people want to be and you are one already😊


I think you can say no b/c you are 7 week winner! NOPE NOPE NOPE - be the black sheep, perhaps one of them may follow you!? :)

You've come so far, you love your badges (if you are like me - haha) You don't want to slip back into what you have defeated.

Stay focused and positive!

Best of luck to you Dora!


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