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Hi all

Hi every 1 💐💐💐💐 hope u all well , been busy busy , Xmas shopping , had enough now lol , hope you all haveing a nice stress free day , Nearly 8 weeks for me yippeee , still suffering with a bit of mucus at the bk of the throat. But it will get better soon I hope , loads better. Than last week when I was ill with gastro phew ,,,, that wasn't nice 😷 Any way. My lovelys take care for now , chill , and no not even a puff X ❤️💐👍🏻👏👏👏🙈

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It certainly is the silly season in the shopping centres 😭😩😭😩

That mucus can take some time to go 🤔

Nearly 8 weeks - you are going feat guns 👏👏👏

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