A year ago today my dear sister passed away

She fought and fought but there was no cure

I'm so proud to have had her as a sister and I continue my quit in her memory and everyone else who has been effected by cancer

If one person quits today on the anniversary of her passing then it would be a fitting tribute

I'm off out to spend time with my mum and my family to remember better times

Thank you all for being there for me 💞


6 Replies

  • Sending big hugs your way Shanti

  • Big huggs and love to you and your family Shanti, thinking of you all today 💞Xxoo

  • Thinking of you and all your family and sending ya all BIG warm loving huggs Shanti :) :)

    Take care gal :)

  • So sorry for your loss I'm sure she'd be very proud x

  • Thinking of you all and sending luv and hugs🙏🏼xx

  • Thanks for sharing that Shantimar...... It's a very sad day for you and your family....... I will definitely not light up today in honour of your sister and I I hope everyone reading your post will do the same. We're all in this together. Life is so precious and so short...... ......



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