Be aware of being wary of your post quit symptoms

Back in the wars despite being smoke free. Felt awful last week thought it was an ear infection - pain in head swollen face and questioned if it was anything to do with smoking cessation. Went off to docs. - diagnosed with Bells Palsy now up to my eyeballs with meds. but must press on with quit. Just want other members to be aware that not all symptoms are cessation related and if anyone in any doubt do visit the doctors as I was told it was my quick reaction to symptoms that stopped my problem from being worse. Have decided to stay on 14mg patches till I am feeling better GP says this is OK.  So peeps if in doubt - CHECK IT OUT. Glad to see most seem to be doing well. Enjoy your BH weekend Good Luck to all.

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  • Thankyou very much Dontdothisagain for posting this :) it may just help some of our members eh :) 

    Your doing ever so well on your quit journey and am loving it :) you stay strong now and I hope you get better very soon :) :) Yes, stay on the patches until you get strong enough to cut down to the next step, there's no harm in that :) :) 

    Sending ya comforting get well soon huggs to help you get through :) :) 

  • Thank you Monky - KEEP CALM AND WHOOP NIC EH lol

  • Great post dontdothisagain👍🏼 thankyou😊

    Sorry to hear about your condition☹️ Wishing you a speedy recovery and a big well done for staying true to your quit. 5 weeks is brilliant👏🏼👏🏼 Well done hun and I'm delighted you reacted quickly, clever and strong🚭💐😊

  • Hi dontdothisagain , hope you feeling better soon, a friend of my got that just woke up with it , scary :(  you have done Fantastic with your quit, and still determined to carry on . Proud of you :)  yeah and your so right if ever in doubt go to GP. Here's to a speedy recovery. Sending you hugs my friend xx

  • Yo Maddy--how ya doin?? MmeT

  • Hi ya  . I'm good away in van as usual chilling. How you doing x

  • Im ok--a little bored--rain,rain rain, Glad you are doing well--MmeT

  • Yeah rain here , even had snow on Friday  :(  cold for this time of year, but hey don't mind as nice long weekend :) how's your health , and breathing doing x

  • Ive been trying to exercise--but it just wears me out--I suspect it will take some time to recover some energy --Breathing is better but it is slow to get back to normal(not sure what that is) I do ok--till I exert myself--then I gasp and feel like im suffocating but really it is just so much air--Isnt that weird?? Still have little craves--like little ticker tape running thru my brain smoke-smoke-smoke--and then it is gone--No problemo there--Its an I miss "something" feeling--but not a crave anymore-- like forgetting something and then going oh that's right I don't smoke.-I am avoiding some health stuff--It isn't crucial--I just get so anxiety ridden over drs--Id like to forever stay away from them==MmeT

  • Look at you exercising well done . I guess it takes time some say up to a year . When I think back though to a couple months ago you have come so far and are doing so much better now. Yeah me to , not craving but missing only occassional  and few and far between though :)  

    Your like me when I had my dark depressive days , I rode it out. Didn't want to see GP as I feel once there never away. But I'm feeling fine now. You take care now sending you big hugs xxxxx

  • Maddy-- I just got my 6 months quit badge---Tears

  • I know just seen your pos :) what a Star you are. I am Very Proud of You. My Inperation ......way to go  xxxxx

  • You will get there--my my--what a milestone--I can honestly look at it now fearlessly and realize what a ordeal Ive been thru and be proud of my persistence and willingness to do battle with such a formidable opponent--God Maddy I did it--and dammit it hurt but so worth it--

  • You certainly did :)  your a strong lady with determination. Here is to the next 6 months ..... Bring in on :) :) xxxxxxxxx

  • Hug hug and big love to ya maddy

  • Hey DDTA--Sorry about the Bells--It does go away though I think or it can--I had a period of time my eye twitched for weeks and felt numbness in my cheek and I thought it might be bells but went away when I got dxed with low b-12--It was one of the highlights of my quit--at least I thought it was from that but it wasn't..-Its kind of a blur for a few months there--I have said same thing on here--about checking things out--cos not everything is from quitting smoking--Glad you reiterated  that and hope it goes away--MmeT

  • Hi don't...

    Sorry to hear you have got bells palsy 😀😀 it can be quite a frightening experience. ON up the upside, it does righten itself 😀😀👍👍

    You are so right in what you say about not everything being part of quitting smoking. THis is why we always recommend seeing your GP....This forum is based on personal experiences. 😀😀💖💖

    I do wish you a speedy recovery....well done for staying smoke free through this 😀😀👏👏🚭🚭

  • Ahhh don't, so sorry your not well t glad you're getting it sorted 😊 Wishing you a speedy recovery Hun 😊😊

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