20 days! Wow!

I know tomorrow marks my three weeks cigarette free! But I just felt so excited to say it's been 20 days! I'm still using the e cig vape but I have already cut the nic level in half! Everyone on this site is just simply amazing! Even all the people that are new like me! I love it and never once thought I would find a place like this! Hope you all have a wonderful day! Forever NOPE!

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  • Good morning coolmama4life☕️

    Wow! 3 weeks tomorrow !!!! What a relief to get the first gruelling 3 weeks over with hahaha

    I'm in my 5 th week now and I just go by NOPE NOT ONE PUFF EVER💝

    Have a beautiful fall day🍂🌾🐿


  • It is absolutely amazing during fall in Maine! Hard not to just take in the crisp cold air into your lungs and enjoy the beautiful and colorful fall leaves everywhere you turn!!

  • I soooo agree🌾🍂🐿

  • Hiya Coolmama, thanks for sharing your excitement with us👍🏼 it's great news and you're doing really well. Can't wait to see your new badge tomorrow😊x

  • Way to go! Thanks for sharing and keep up the good work!

    P.S. the bright colors and fresh air here in the NE States is a real treat!

  • You are doing brilliantly coolmama :) :) :)

    Loving your excitement :) :)

    Keep up the great work :) :)

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