This is a Black Bear not a Grizzley Bear

This is a Black Bear not a Grizzley Bear

These bears are fairly safe where I live. They're pretty good. As long as you don't startled them. It's good to make noise when I'm walking just so they hear me coming but my dogs can smell them and vs vs and the dogs go crazy when they come across a bear unexpectedly. Usually the bear takes off. I'm sure the stench of a cigarette would make the bear run away. Hahaha

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  • Wow that's incredible, can't imagine going for a walk and seeing one of these😳 It's so nice to read about other people's lives, how different they are and yet we all have something in common........NOPE👍🏼 thanks for sharing this Arizona😊x

  • Good morning Briarwood ☕️ Always nice to have my morning coffee and connect with you🐤 (That's suppose to be a duck) haha. It's 6am here. It's so nice not to be a slave to cigarettes first thing in the morning I would be outside shivering sitting in a chair -30c smoking in winter all bundled up .....My God....

    And yep...... NOPE NOT ONE PUFF.......EVER

    Hope you have a healthy smokefree day xx

  • You're 3 weeks a stick to making noise or bear spray haha!

  • Good morning Coco☕️ Hahaha. Yes I will make sure I have my dogs and bear spray when I'm hiking around The dogs are great for catching the scent from a bear/bears

    Sure feels good not to be lighting up first thing in the morning. That's what got me out of bed. The thought of a cigarette and coffee. Not good.

    Well you're doing fantastic !!!!!!!..... It gets easier and it's worth it

    Hope you have a healthy smokefree day🌷

    Arizona xx

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