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It gets easier

Hi all,

Great to see lots of new members here. The support you all give is awesome.

I just wanted to say how well everyone is doing, and acknowledge the difficult withdrawal symptoms some people are going through.

As you may know, I read, and would recommend Alen Carr's book, 'easy way to quit smoking'. It has given me the capability to see smoking, addiction, withdrawal and cravings for what they rearly are, and help me through.

Having said that, it has been hard but I would say that in the past few weeks, probably since about day 100, I've been able to honestly say that I no longer get any real cravings. Just the odd thought about smoking, glad that it's in my past. I'm now at day 123. I'm not going to drop my guard though!!!!

So, for those of you who are struggling............ Keep on going, ride the storm, take one day at a time. You're doing great, the symptoms are going to be weird, but IT GETS EASIER every day

well done. N.O.P.E

Paul x

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Thanks for sharing your experience, strength, and hope, QuitterPaul!


Thanks for sharing Paul. You have got an awesome quit going on :) :)

Thank you for giving all the newer one hope and inspiration. :) :)


Thanks from me too, very inspirational 👍🏼😊x


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