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Still phlegm even after 5 months

Hello everyone.

First of all, now i have completed 4 months of smokeless days and night and its 5th now. Great support from you guys.

No cough now. But phlegm still comes just below throat which create problems. I have fount that its easier to cough it up after eating. I get lots of phlegm after eating. And also makes easier to breath.

I dont know how many of you have felt this kind of thing.

I know this is not allergy. Might be acidity but i dont feel any reflux and pain etc. Plus i am taking acidity medicines from a month. Whenever i go to doctors my chest is always clear. But still phlegm comes all the time. I have to cough just to get it out otherwise i dont feel cough reflux kind of thing.

Any idea guys!!

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Hiya Arvind and massive congratulations on your quit😊

As your chest is clear, that's good news. Try the pinned post how to cough up what's not supposed to be there, it may help remove it. The other suggestion is inhale over a bowl of steam to see if this helps. Well done Arvind, you're really doing very well😊x


Go docs again, still have phlem but is better, I'm on tablets for acid, nasel spray and hay fever tablets . Is getting better , was told it was to do with dead cells sorting themselves out. Also chewing gum helped.


I get this when I have dairy products now, I,e. Milk, cream, custard, ice cream, my breathing gets difficult an need to cough, they think I have dairy related asthma , only got this after giving up, so worth a try at writing down things you eat an see if one or more product affects you more then others? Hope you get it sorted


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