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Hi all! I am a 36 yr old female who quit smoking Aug 13th 2015 for the second time in one yr lol. I don't know why I did this to myself again but the withdrawal symptoms suck! I seem to get everyone of them. Now my chest hurts and I'm starting to cough. Two days ago I woke up dizzy and rushed myself to the hospital where they did a head cat scan and chest x-rays. The most they came up with was I had very full sinuses. I know there is light at the end of the tunnel but sheesh! Welp good luck all and I promise this time I'm staying c iggy clean!

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Welcome and congrats for quitting cigarettes👏 I'm in wicked withdrawal as well.... (Day 14 in a couple hours) .....My mental attitude is so positive but I am really feeling ill...... I'm experiencing exhaustion, chest and back pain, body aches, aching teeth, headaches, blurry vision. Hahaha. Need I go on........ But you know what......... Aside from all those withdrawal affects..... I know they will pass and the people on this website are just awesome support........ Please hang in there.....everyone eventually benefits and feels great........ I'm just one puff away from a pack a day so I take one hour at a time.......... The quote on this site is NOPE.........NOT ONE PUFF EVER💐🇨🇦


hi bre and a big warm welcome to quit support..

Good on you for not giving up on being smoke free :) :)

You have done it before, so you know that you can do it again :) :)

Thats great that you have no health issues to worry about..

Lets make this your last time :) :) ..the support from the members here is excellent and we all on our own journeys of staying smoke free. Have people who understand really does help :) :)

Have a browse around the site, there is some great info to inspire you :) :)


God poor you, I also had all of this every illness and more and it's only been at the 7 months point I can say I'm starting to feel like me again .

I then saw how bad smoking was to make you feel ill from not doing it.

Every day or in mycase months I got better. Beginning of the year I was at the dr once a week with some withdrawal symptom, however since August I haven't been 😜 Just stick with it really does get better.


Hiya Bre and welcome to quit support 😊

Congratulations on your quit and with the help of this friendly forum, let's help you stay quit. It really does make a difference talking to others who understand the difficulties of quitting. Stay positive and stay close to this site and this will be your time to shine😊x


Thank you all! I wish I would of known about this site when I quit before. Some days are better than others but I really don't want another cigarette. I don't even think about them anymore. I wish you all luck and thanks for the support!


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