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3 weeks down!

Hi all, so 3 weeks in and I'm starting to notice differences.

1. Sleep has returned (ok I'm getting a whole four hours a night now but that's better than two).

2. Instant coffee tastes wrong, but freshly ground is amazing luckily i quit smoking so can afford a pack of it (irony eh)

3. I'm not craving a cigarette anymore, I can feel a nicotine craving and use my e-cig for it but not the habit of smoking has gone

Anyone thinking of quitting or struggling hang in there, remind yourself why your doing it and just keep saying NOPE

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Hiya Michele, 3 weeks and you're feeling the benefits of quitting, that's terrific so well done👍🏼

Thankyou so much for sharing this with us as it really does help encourage others to keep going. Keep up your great quit and well done Michele👏🏼😊x

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Hi Michele

That is just sensational that you are already feeling the benefits of quitting smoking :) :)

You must be feeling better getting some sleep :) :)

Thank you for sharing your journey as this will encourage and inspire others :) :)

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Hello fellow 3weeker! I am 3 weeks in today and I feel real better each day. Everyday is different some more difficult than others but I won't let nic win I like my life being smoke free:)

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Congratulations and thanks for sharing your progress & "success"! 'Always encouraging to hear that it gets better!

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