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Afternoon all, celebrating my first week as a non smoker and can honestly say I have never felt better, of course I've also never felt more tired or hungry either (yes fish fingers are a breakfast food if you're up at 3 in the morning!). I'm hoping this insomnia will pass because my dogs stopped talking to me as apparently I don't sleep enough and frankly there's only so much Jeremy Kyle one can watch. Here's to the next seven days. Stay strong all 😁

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Hi Michele and Well Done on your achievement :) So glad to hear you already

reaping the rewards for your efforts and as for fish fingers at 3 AM - if it helps,

then why not Lol

Give yourself a big 'well done' hug and keep going - your doing GREAT :)


Welcome! This too shall pass! You'll likely sleep better soon!


Hi Michele

WELL DONE!!!!!! your first week of many more is now done and dusted..Before long it will be one month.. You truly are doing fantastic :) :) :)

Insomnia is a very common symptom of recovery and i can certainly remember those sleepless nights :D :D. Have you tried any of the herbal teas etc..This will pass :) :)

You are doing fantastic with your quit..Celebrate a week smoke free as the first week in some respects can be the toughest of all as the we tend to be really focused those first three days and then as we start to adjust to life without out a cigarette we can let a guard down a little...Thats why for me..I would tell myself NOPE--NOPE..NOPE..and usually the craving would pass while i was singing NOPE..lol...crazy..but it does come down to what ever works :D :D

Celebrate your first week :) :)...as you have earned it :) :)


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