Bad dream!

This morning I woke in a panic, my first thought was of all of you on here and how disappointed you would be that I'd ruined my quit by having a ciggy....then realised that I'd only dreamed I'd had one! I thought that stage would be well and truly done but I guess it's been stressful times and that little nic receptor must still beep in your head from time to time perhaps subliminally attempting to fool you into doing it 👿

Glad to say I'm still a smoke free zone and hope you are all doing great 🐔

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  • Hiya Lily, great to see ya and very happy you're only dreaming of the horrible ciggys, I hope all your fur and feathered babies are happy and things are going well for you🐓🐔🐓🐔👍🏼😊x

  • Apart from having a Houdini chicken who still scales a 6ft fence with one wing clipped all fur & feather babies are gorgeously well :) x

  • Aup Lily, its lovely to see ya gal :) :)

    LMAO :D :D :D, a houdini chicken :D :D I used to work on farms in my younger days :o and there was one flippin chicken that used to lay her eggs on a wooden beam about flippin 25ft up under this big archway, that joined the front of the farm to the back :o :| How the heck she got up there I dont know :D :D :D

    LilyMay, your a lovely gal and am sure they all love living at your's :) :) xx

  • Phew!!!!!...thats sounds more like a nightmare :D :D

    Glad that all is going well for you :) :)

  • Phew wot a nightmare 😃

  • It's strange how we dream of them (occasionally) long after quitting.

    I get dreams like that from time to time and thy are as unnerving as they are intense.

  • Hi Lily, I have the same dreams; wake up with a feeling of dread, getting out of bed thinking why oh why did I have that pack of fags last night! Then I realised I had been dreaming of smoking!

    One positive about this is that I then feel well proud of myself for not doing it & this kick starts my morning (my worst time). Keep it up & some where down the line we will look back & say 'it might have been hard, but I done it & I am chain free'.

    Have a great week end.

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