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4 weeks tomorrow 😄

Well 4 weeks tomorrow does not seem possible (not a month until 5 July) but I am so happy with myself and yes all in all feeling better 😂 had quite a few side effects (still having a morning cough now but pretty much no other time) but seem to sleep lots more during day and feel lazy and lethargic - hopefully normal 😄 worst thing is waking up hot and sweating in night and dreams but I am an anxious worrier anyway so probably other factors there!!!! Well I am hoping that this time there will never be any going back as I am on my second proper quit and felt a complete failure when I started again after an 8 year quit - however 4 years later and I am back on the right road and determined I will stay here - thank you to everyone for all the words of encouragement I have had on here - really helps 😄😄😄

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Well done Shaz, great achievement so you can be very proud of yourself👍

Your determination is a credit to you😊x


Wayyyyyy Hayyyyyy Shazbog very nearly a whole month quit now :) :) Am soooooo proud of you :) :) and I hope your very proud of yourself tooooo :) :)

I will be up bright and early in the morning to catch you a new 4 weeks Winners badge and shine it up for you toooooo :) :) and am just flippin loving it :) :)

Stick with it Shazbog, cos your going great guns :) :)

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