Just checkin' in :)

Just checkin' in :)

Evening all, hope everyone is fine and dandy and living life happy and smoke free :)

Thanks to quitting the evil weed I have been able to afford to rescue lots of furry/fluffy/feathery babies and tomorrow I'm collecting two new chickens from a free range farm. Egg layers are useless to farmers after 18 months and often end up culled but fortunately some of them get a chance at life in the loving lane. Enola and Elouise will be joining my existing motley crew tomorrow afternoon. What a great reason to stay quit :)

Have a lovely evening everyone x

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  • Hiya Lily, wonderful news and 2 more lucky hens to add to your family👍

    Lovely picture and thanks soooo much for sharing your good news😊 I was just thinking about you the other day and wondering how you were getting on, so that's definitely telepathy😉 and as you say, a great reason to stay quit, well done hun😊x

  • Aup Lily its flippin great to see ya gal :) :)

    Am loving the pic Lily :) and I hope Enola and Elouise soon get their feet under the table at your's :D and they will love your kindness and loving that you will give to them :) :)

    Please send us a pic of them when their settled in :)

    See's ya soon Lily :) xx

  • hi lily,

    you sure do have a BIG heart providing a home with lots of love to these fragile hens :) :) :) I am sure it doesn't take log for them to realise just how lucky they are

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