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Bus ride

Hi folks, got on one of the new route masters (12) this morning and sat right at the back, on the top deck.

DUE to the time is morning the bus was empty.....a girl came onto the top deck and sat at the front.....she was a smoker.

I could smell her and confirmed that she was a smoker......considering how long these new routemasters are I was quite surprised that I could smell her.....


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Hiya adidas, that is quite incredible just how far the stench from cigarettes can be smelt. I know i certainly notice it when in confined places :O :O

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I used to think that I could hide my smoking from everyone by chewing gum.

I must have smelled as bad myself.




me too.

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Aup Adidas, its great to see ya pal annnnnd not far from being a Year Winner now :) :)

Isnt it amazing how our smell comes back to us now that we are none smokers :o :) Ha ha ha, I have a Lady friend who still smokes and she must put a bottle of perfume on, cos you can smell her coming up the road :D :D BUT, you get close to her and talk to her, you can still smell the smoke on her :o I'm trying to persuade her to quit, but she wont have it at the moment :( but perhaps one day eh :) :)

You take care now Adidas cos your going great guns pal :) :)

See's ya soon :)


Thanks Monky have a good evening!!!!


Hiya addidas... I smelt someone the other day (not on purpose..) and it was disgusting..... God to think I might have have had that effect on someone whilst I was smoking..... yuckety yuck yuck yuck....😮😮


Yep I agree with you Adidas on how bad smokers smell👎 it's sooooo disgusting😷😷x


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