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Nearly a year!!!

On April 14th it will be a year since giving up..l know l should not still be using the nicotine gum but l really need it...have reduced it to less than half than when l started using it(after the patches) and use a lot of other ordinary gum to but just have no alternative to the stress!! wonder if anyone else has had problems coming off the gum!!!

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Hi Sue 😀

I never used the gum, but I've read reports that suggest that yours is not an uncommon problem.

Maybe look at stress relieving exercises, sure I seen some on here and recently Monky put up some breathing techniques. 😀

Sorry I can't help you much but I think your doing a great job not smoking for nearly a year so well done you 👍👍👍


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You are in continual withdrawal the way you are doing it. That must be very painful.

Stop substituting and quit. You might cry for three Gladys or just be on edge but it's worth the junky withdrawal.

You go all night without a chew and you can go the three days.

I conaed 1000 mints during those three days and went to the Restroom a whole lot.

Get made with the nicotine devil monkey and remove them it from your body.

Think of it as a exorcism. Something that once expelled you never want to see it again.

Why we allow the sell of poison is beying me.

Once you kick the cig habit kicking the consumption of grains I'm your food would be a good challenge as grains are as bad as nicotine unless you are starving that that's all there is to eat.

Smoking provides no benefit even if you are starving. nicotine provides no benefit and is overrated as a addiction compared to wheat consumption and crack smoking.


Hiya Sue, you're doing brilliant, so well done and don't worry coz the time will come when you're ready to stop the gum and right now it's keeping you off the evil smokes so don't worry about it coz that'll stress you out more. I've heard that yoga is very good for relaxing and as Shanti has said about the breathing exercises too. Be proud of your quit 😃 x

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