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God I get some cravings

Almost 2 months and ticking a long just fine and then wham. I really would enjoy a cigarette, argghh really need one. I keep telling myself that it will only last a short while but sometimes it comes back regularly and quickly.

I have avoided all places where the opportunity might arise to be offered one.

Gum works well, but its almost like grieving

Someone talk some sense in to me!!!


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Hiya Jim, yep I know the feeling coz not long ago I had a longing all day for one, couldn't think of anything but having one, wanted one really badly and kept up one heck of a fight with myself NOT to give in 😡

Unfortunately although it does get easier there are still moments in time or in my case a day when I had to battle. I know at this stage of my quit I will not smoke again but sometimes the longing is still there. You are doing so well with your quit but I don't think there's a switch you can just turn off when you quit as it has been part of what we do for a long time. It takes hard work, determination and perseverance but we can do it. It's worth fighting for and each time we do, it makes us stronger and the cravings become less and less. So keep fighting Jim every battle and be proud of how well you are doing. I know that having a cig will not make me feel any better on a bad day but will in fact make me feel worse. We will be tested from time to time but do not give in. Hoping all this can make sense to you and sorry for going on so long. Remember you are doing the very best thing for your health, keep going and don't look back 😊😊 x


Hi Briarwood, really appreciate the time and effort you have put in to the reply. I have had to give myself a few stern talking to today.

I cant have one now, I know I won't enjoy it. Almost tempted to try an ecig but one of reasons for sticking with gum is to break that physical association. I love this forum, it helps so much!

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Hi Jim your doing so well hun so please please please don't give in.... you will feel disgusted, sickened, mouth will taste disgusting, all the good work undone but more importantly you will have really sore shins as you will be kicking them for ages that you gave in to a bit of paper & 4000 toxins that you set fire to.....

Stay focussed and remain strong you will find it easier but as Briar has pointed out... mister nic is a git that will keep coming back to tempt you - ok she was a bit more eloquent than that.... :O :) :D


Hi Jim,

You are doing brilliantly on you quit journey 😄😄

Keep up the good fight

Mr Nic will try and try to break you, but just keep on letting him know who is the boss😈

Each round you win, your confidence grows to conquer the next one.

You are a winner!!!!!


Hey Jim you are doing an awesome job, and its not like grieving.... it IS grieving! You are not mad, we have all been there but being aware of the tricks your brain is playing is half the battle. Its like your best friend has gone :( the one that was there to enjoy happy times with, sad times, and hey as a reward after a hard morning at work. I could not believe the emotional hold they had over me. But you are better than them, and that is one friend you dont need, one that steals all your money, makes you smell, and with every meeting is trying to kill you.

Stay strong, you got this xx


Into my 8th mth smoke free

Still battle those cravings almost

daily. Especially when come home from work at night. That's when I always enjoyed

smoking. Like a reward. Just think

about how crappy I would feel if I succumbed to one helps. Have

some water. That also helps.It will get better.


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Thanks all. Sometimes I think that because I haven't smoked for almost two months you begin to feel strong, less vulnerable, healthy, able to cope with anything. able to do anything including having a little cigarette. Nooooooo. My missus use to say the first cigarette of the day is the best the rest you just have to have to stop yourself feeling crap. That's true.

Thanks everyone for your help . DeeFB can I ask how long & how much you smoked.


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Smoked for about 25 yrs. I was always a heavy night smoker. Work

kept me from smoking during the day. I was Dx with COPD a yr ago which

reinforced the quitting.. My breathing became compromised. Before,

quitting was impossible 4 me.... Lasted only a week.....I try to stay positive and not look back....During the winter I seem to breath better. Summer

can be a killer.. For some reason I am always SOB(short of breath) in hot weather.....

Best of luck to you.. Ur on the right track



Hi jimx,

One thing I forgot to mention is my loss of taste. They say after u quit everything tastes

so much better.. Not 4 me, Not happening.. Only thing I can still taste is chocolate and peanut butter, which is not such a bad thing......

ok that,s all 4 now




Me too! It's not so much things taste better as they taste differently. Some food I don't even want anymore that I use to love.

It is a whole new lifestyle in so many ways!!!!

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Jim, I u derstand how you feel. I am at 3 months quit but seem to have worse cravings. Try to just keep myeye on the prize and remember that the craving only lasts a few minutes. I think that I would feel ddisappointed in myself if I smoked but damn sometimes its hard. Keep up the good work.


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