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Friday Yeah

Working ,kinda the computers server has been down for 3 days now and OMG we are losing our minds. But still no smoking I have stopped using the patches too. I really do not miss it what I miss is a good drink some wine, maybe a nice Bloody Mary but they go hand and hand. I do not want to temp fate..

But I love this website it gives me such a good feeling to be able to say hi and have such wonderful people that back you up when you need it.

So everyone hang in there, remember You Are Wonderful....

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Hiya pugs, you're doing great so remember to say "you are wonderful " to yourself as well. Stay strong and have a good weekend. You have the most difficult early weeks behind and it's brilliant you don't miss the patches. Maybe treat yourself to something else after your hard week at work. something's seem to go hand in hand with smoking but the good news is, it's possible to have a drink and enjoy it without smoking. I used to think I'd never enjoy coffee without cigs but it's really a case of old habits and we can learn new habits but it takes a bit of time and a lot of determination. So keep going and you'll get to where you want to be :) :) x


Pugs treasure,count yourself in on the amazing people list,a lot of folk woulda gone off screaming for a,cig with the work probs you've had but you stayed strong YAY !! I pretty much stopped drinking when I quit the cigs & only drink alcohol now for special times & holidays,I feel better for not drinking but I know how hard it is, a Bloody Mary is my favourite drink of all time but now enjoyed as a treat which makes it even better.You can do this,good luck on your journey.H x


Hi ya Pugs :)

Its great to see your doing soooo well :) and now off the patches too, thats just flippin ACE gal it is :) I see it wont be long before am having to whizzzzzz over them there fields to catch you a new 1 month Winners badge :) wayyyy hayyyyy

As for the drinking, your spot on, cos it does go hand in hand, BUT, just give it a little more time and when you feel confident enough, try it :) cos I can drink lager now and it dosnt bother me at all :) although saying that, I havnt had a good ermmmm, session :o yet :D :D

Pugs, you hold your head up high and be proud of yourself :) and like Briarwood has said, why not go treat yourself to something nice and enjoyyyyyyyyy :) :)

Stay strong and keep focused and you will soon be freeeeeee again :)

Pete :)


Hi pugs, yes you are now one of the wonderful people too :-)

Stay strong, and keep in touch, :-)


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