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Wide awake but happy. Day 9

Good morning everyone and I hope your weekend has been good. I had many kind and supportive replies to my first post on the site a few days ago - thanks again. Feels great to be a non-smoking 35 year old.

So, I'm still CT and winning. I have had dreadful weekend with my mood, a really horrible husband and dad unfortunately. But this will get better soon I know. I now am really feeling the effects of a quitters flu; blocked up running nose, short breath, coughing. And wow, this insomnia, it's the real deal. My particular issue is waking very early (3-4am) and then that's it.

I told everyone about the ongoing constant light pain I have been having since day 2. Right hand side and mid ribs. Not very painful but just there. It drifted a way a tad Friday but is now back! How annoying. Someone mentioned it might be pleuritic pain and that certainly could be the case. I don't think my health anxiety is helping it much with my withdrawal.

Anyway; thought I would check in at this early hour. Have a good week.

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Hi there, I no exactly how you are feeling, I was the same, I still have the odd very early waking morning, normally on a Monday strangely but generally back to the alarm being my wake up call I back to the snooze button being pressed at least 5 times lol, u will get there and I was a grumpy skitzo as my kids put it and still have my odd day (that's just me but don't tell them) it really does go from everyday to some days to occasional day so hang in there, I'm on occasional day at 2 months and finally getting a few of the rewards from quitting, please please keep going cos you are going thru the worst and you will feel the rewards soon and for the rest of your life! Hope all these yucky symptoms go soon for you, take care, Sharon xxx

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Keep up the great work Nick. Just keep taking one day at a time :) :) as you are doing brilliantly


Hiya nick, the down side of quitting in the early days is a bad mood and lack of sleep as well, I think the lack of sleep also affects the mood :)

The good news is it will pass and everyone will tell you that, so hang in there and ride out the storm. Better days ahead and day 9 is fantastic, so well done :)

It will all be worth it :) x

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