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40 days and 40 nights

Good morning everyone and happy January 2nd. So, today I have hit the 40 day mark.....very proud of myself, especially over the Christmas period with my husband home and smoking.

Still got horrible cold and mouth ulcers so looking rough as you like but focusing on the greater good.

Thanks to everyone on the site for their support. Couldn't do it without you guys....

Much love and many hugs.


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Morning Emma :-) Well done to you for continuing to march on ahead :-)

It's brilliant that you have continued to stay stopped, especially given the fact that you live with a smoker too :-) So, if you have any tips to share that may help other members living with a smoker, then that would be brilliant :-)

Keep on keeping on and carry on putting those smokefree days under your belt :-)


40 days is an awesome effort, Things really should start getting a little easier. Looking back, the first 8 weeks is the worst so you are well on your way :) :)

Getting through the festive season as well as living with a smoker shows your strength :) :) Keep up the awesome quit

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Hi Emma, It feels great when you get over another hurdle (Christmas/New Year) without smoking. BIG well done your doing fantastic. xx


Congratulations Emma, that's a great achievement and yes you should be feeling very proud of yourself coz I know it's not easy when hubby's still smoking :)

You had your first smoke free Christmas and that's terrific, so well done :)

So proud of ya and even though you're not feeling too good, you are staying positive :)

You have a great attitude and you will start to feel the benefits soon :)

You're a winner :) x


Thank you to everyone for the support. My husband stands outside to smoke and i'm quite happy to stay cosied up in front of the fire. I think he is smoking less as I'm not joining him so it is benefiting him too.

Have a lovely day all....x


Aup Emma thats great news gal :) and am sooooo proud of ya :) :)

Ha ha ha just looooooove the way you make hubby go outside on his own to have a fag :D :D Thats just flippin ACE gal, I cant fault you one little bit :) Saying that, please dont get onto hubby about quitting cos that might make him stick his heals in :o Just you let him see for himself how well your doing :) :) then perhaps he will come around and want to quit too :) :)

Hmmmm, looks like I will be chasing over them there fields very shortly to catch a new Winners badge for ya eh :) and I will soooo enjoy it :) :)

Sending you loads of get rid of the quitters flue and mouth ulcers huggs :) :)

Stay strong and focused Emma, cos your doing just fab gal :) xx


Hi Emma. Well done 40 days smoke free. You are doing really well. Keep up the good work :D xx


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