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16 days smoke free

I am well happy with my self. I can do this not be thinking about fags this week. It seems to be getting easy now. I hope it stays like this :) I hope everyone is ok. And thanks for the big support you are giving me. You are helping me with this. And I am so glad I have found the support that I need. Do not worry I am not going anywhere I just thought I would thank you all. :) xxxx

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Hiya Holly, good to hear you're happy with yourself and rightly so :)

You are the one doing all the hard work, so keep it up and well done :) x


Thanks Bariarwood :) xxx


Hi ya Holly and yes you be happy with yourself gal :) :) cos your doing ever soo well :)

Hold your head up high Holly and be proud of yourself :) :) cos I'm really proud of :) :) xx


Thanks Monky :) xxx


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